I don’t have a vent opening in my kitchen. What are my options?

Written By Hauslane Expert (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 25th, 2021

At Hauslane, we offer range hoods that work for kitchens with no ductworks. Check out our recirculating range hood collections. Be sure to purchase a pair of charcoal filters so it can trap grease particles and deodorize the smell.


Another alternative is to create a vent opening and run ductworks. This can seem a bit daunting but it is very simple and it will worth your time. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to create an vent opening.


At the end, you want to run ductwork so your range hoods can do its job to extract harmful chemicals and grease particles outside of your house. We always recommend biting the bullet and run a new ductwork for your kitchen.